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My Brothers and Sisters,

God, my father, has ordained this website to aid those in
need, are seriously conflicted in their lives, provide an
avenue to read His word and also to ask for the prayer of
his servant.  So unless you are in need of the word and or
prayer don't load up the request line which keeps
someone else from getting through.

While we realize that Satan is constantly on the war path,
"seeking those whom he may destroy so too is Jesus
Christ seeking those asking for forgiveness and saving, I
also know that "No weapon formed against me shall
prosper. "They also seek help from the Lamb of God. "By
his blood, for their daily bread, their loved one and safe
passage from home to work and back.

We do not mean to Offend anyone, but need to make sure
that those seeking help can have access to it through this
ministry.  We will remove all reference to age!

- Rev. Nichols
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John 10:15

As the Father
knoweth me,
even so know I
the Father and I
lay down my life
for the sheep.